According to the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), facility management (FM) is a profession encompassing multiple disciplines in order to ensure functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency of the built environment through integration of people, place, process, and technology.

Although we have experience in the entire Facility Management, our main focus is on mechanical installations and energy consumption maintenance.

Our goal is offering a complete service to the Investor.

This represents a continuation of the narrative that began with the design and supervision, and that continues with the maintenance of the installed equipment and installations.

Other countries’ experience regarding facilities management shows that the rational use and management of facilities is a basic prerequisite for reducing business costs. In a property lifetime, construction accounts for 40% of all costs, while the remaining 60% is associated with the area covered by the FM.

Facility Management ensures an adequate level of costs on one hand, and guarantees the value, as well as the rise in value, on the other.

Therefore, we offer high quality technical maintenance with a clearly defined schedule that the client can easily track.

Technical maintenance refers to all works, tests, services, and repairs carried out on the equipment and installations of the facility, which include:

1. Tests and installations prescribed by laws and regulations

2. Preventive maintenance – recommended tests and installations

3. Emergency repairs

4. Necessary repairs

Statutory testing

In accordance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia, it is necessary to carry out regular testing of the installed equipment for the safety of the facility and the visitors. The tests, which must be documented, are carried out by legally authorized institutions.

Preventive servicing

Preventive maintenance is needed to maintain functionality, reduce wear and tear, maintain operating status, and ultimately maintain system security. Servicing is carried out according to the manufacturer's instructions and the applicable European standards.

Emergency repairs

In the event of sudden breakdowns and damage that can occur on the building, which can cause great damage, or endanger the safety of employees and visitors, urgent repair must be carried out

Necessary repairs

Necessary repairs are physical measures that are implemented to ensure the operation of defective units and are not covered by service and minor repairs.

In addition to the above works, we provide support with due diligence of facilities i.e., providing an assessment of the physical condition of the property, with the aim of creating a risk assessment associated with the purchase.

The scope of the services includes:

      • General overview of the real estate,
      • Urban and architectural analysis and possibility of further development,
      • Control of the project documentation and compliance of the property with the documentation,
      • Development of the concept of the structure of the maintenance of the property,
      • Control of the condition of the property from the aspect of technical maintenance of the property,
      • Risk assessment
      • CAPEX and OPEX evaluation