We supervise and control installation and commissioning. We ensure compliance with spatial plans, laws, and regulations. We also provide control of completed works, reporting of defects or irregularities, proposing corrective measures, and we ensure the agreed quality level.In order to provide professional supervision related to the mechanical assembly works, the supervising engineer must be a qualified person - an engineer - registered in the Chartered Mechanical Engineer's Directory of the Croatian Chamber of Mechanical Engineers.

SUPERVISING MECHANICAL INSTALLATION implementation includes the following services:

  • advising and representing the investor and their interests in matters relating to selection of equipment and contractors,
  • determining whether the contractor meets the requirements for performing construction activities prescribed by special laws and regulations,
  • ensuring that construction is performed in accordance with the design and the Building Act,
  • providing professional construction supervision, regular monitoring of the execution, and keeping a detailed construction log
  • ensuring that the installed equipment is new, certified, has production certificates, and that the quality of work is in conformity with the project requirements, and proved by specific tests and documents
  • quantitative calculations
  • supervision of the contractor and fulfillment of their contractual obligations
  • final report on the performed work and tests
  • participation in technical inspection