Our company’s main activities are mechanical installation design, execution supervision, and technical facility management.

Mechanical installation design includes energy renewal projects and energy efficiency studies, while technical consulting at all project stages is an integral part of the services provided.

Mechanical installations and devices i.e., energy installations and devices, are installed as an integral part of the building and they cooperate to accomplish the building’s primary purpose. It includes heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, gas installations, as well as complex units, such as boiler rooms, engine rooms, control and compressor stations and their equipment (fuel oil tanks, refrigeration units, compressors, heat exchangers), who are integrated into the space and structure of the building.

In designing the project documentation, we apply technical solutions which, in addition to meeting the investor’s requirements, provide the essential features for the plant, such as reliability, mechanical resistance and stability, fire safety, human protection, injury protection, noise protection, thermal protection and energy conservation, compliance with current standards and regulations.