MDH ventilacija j.d.o.o.

The MDH ventilacija’s founder is Domagoj Radoš, who passed the professional exam in 1999, and has been registered since 2009 as a licensed mechanical engineer under the number S 1645. Throughout his career he has passed all stages in a facility’s life cycle, from the conceptual design, through construction, to reconstruction. Domagoj first gained production and construction experience in the field of air conditioning / ventilation / heating / cooling (in "Klimaterm"), and subsequently in "Parting", "TCZ", "Reiwag" and "Kaufland" through engineering, design, supervision, and procurement.

As a mechanical installation consultant, he participated in the construction of the "City Galleria" in Zadar and the "Colloseum Center" in Slavonski Brod shopping centers.

Domagoj has gained experience in cleanrooms at Belupo, Alkaloid and Pliva through his collaboration with Clestra Clean Rooms, while learning about retail through projects in Kaufland. He has also worked with banks (PBZ, Hypo, Erste, Veneto) and insurance groups (Wiener Insurance, Allianz).

Through the facility and property management he has gained a good insight and knowledge about shopping centers such as the City Center One, West Gate, Joker, IKEA, as well as office buildings (Kappa Center, Esseker Center, MANI, Branimir Center). Cooperating with the “Hrvoje Požar” Energy Institute, Domagoj has learned everything about cogeneration systems, and about other alternative energy sources used in numerous residential buildings.

The MDH ventilacija acts jointly with several independent designers and HVAC design offices, as well as in other types of business facilities as part of a business-technical cooperation. There is a total of 7 mechanical engineers available, who have many years of experience in the mechanical installations design - especially in hotel, industry, retail, residential and commercial building, and gas station fields. As a part of technological processes, issues related to steam, compressed air, CO2, NH3 and process gases are addressed.

Depending on the complexity of the project, the Acad, Revit and AX design tools are used, while Integra and HAP (Carrier) are used for the heating/cooling load calculation.

Depending on the complexity of the project, design tools are Acad, Revit and AX, while Integra and HAP (Carrier) are used for the heating/cooling load calculation.